Some of our references 

 * Countrywide TETRA network for Ministry of interior

 * City TETRA network for ZET public transport company

 * FM/VHF tunnel radio systems for 22 tunnels on HAC A1, A4, A6

 * FM/UHF tunnel radio systems for tunnel Učka Bina-Istra

 * Multi carrier TETRA tunnel radio system for tunnel Učka Bina-Istra

 * FM/UHF/DMR tunnel radio system for tunnel Sveta tri kralja ARZ

 * VHF radio network  and dispatching solutions for TAXI Zagreb
    and TAXI Zadar

 * Dispatching centre and fleet management based on TETRA MoI
    network for medical emergency service of Zagreb city

 * Satellite Ku band uplink earth station for OiV broadcast company

 * WiFi 802.11ac network for ACI marinas Umag and Pula in open and
    closed spaces using 3×3 MIMO with a throughput of 300Mbps


Research and development is an important part of customized system integration. All systems built and tailored according to customer needs, requires on some point unique solutions and/or components not available on the shelf. At this point using our knowledge and experience we are able to produce from zero, missing component or find a specialized solution to connect missing link/links in the project and finish integration process successfully. We can say that R&D is part of our everyday business.

Repair and Maintenance

In all our projects is very important for systems to be properly maintained in the warranty period and after to assure many years of operations and enable the return of investment to the customer. To all our customers we offer high-quality maintenance and repair on the electronic component level.  Even if you are not our customer, we will gladly help you and offer you repair of any system components like PSU, VFD, PLC, Industrial electronics, etc.
Contact us with confidence.