G.I. Elektronika d.o.o. company is located on two addresses.  Main office and workshop are located in Vončinina 2 street near the town centre,  while a second office is at Bukovac 133 street near city ZOO  and  Maksimir Park


Croatia TAX No. ( Matični broj ) : 00328383

International TAX No. ( VAT ID ) : HR19363503972

Company History 

The company G.I. Elektronika was founded in Zagreb, 1993. At this time the company was mostly oriented to computer technologies of that time. It was the time of coax networking, Novell Netware, Token ring, FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL and first ANSI C. After few years company step up in mobile communication supporting NMT mobile operator in Croatia as partner company for supplying spare parts for mobile terminals Maxon and Benefon. 1998 was a commercial start of first GSM network in Croatia. As a partner for the NMT network, the company is also involved in infrastructure and terminal business as a partner of Siemens. It was the time of constant roll out in the sphere of ICT and communications. Contact with new technologies in ICT and communications on a daily basis and experience on the field encourage a new wave of thinking, and we start to change focus from services to system integration and R&D as time passes. In 2001 the company is involved as a system integrator in design, build and test phase for first countrywide TETRA network run by the Ministry of the Interior. From that time the company is focused on R&D and system integration in the fields of ICT, communication, automotive and industrial automation. More about it you will find in tabs Tech & Reference.